- Time flies...

So this is already the very last day of the tour! I'm in Madrid right now getting ready for the very last show of almost a month of touring with No Use For A Name, The Lawrence Arms and Versus The World!

Yesterday we were in Barcelona, and it was the biggest crowd of the whole tour! 1200 people in a packed club, and they got WILD! Without any doubt the best audience of the whole tour!

Before that we went to the beach, got suntanned, bought wafels and Italian gelatio! There was a great skateboardfestival going right around the corner, as some sort of pre-party for the show! It was great! I love Barcelona!

So after tonights show we'll be heading straight to Amsterdam!

After the tour everybody will send me pictures, so I might update this baby one more time!

- Finally!!!

So, because the possibility to use the internet was very low the last week, and some blogs seem to have dissapeared somehow, it has already been more than a week since my last update!

Right now I'm in Milan, Italy. The weather here is amazing! I'm even starting to get suntanned! It's great, we hung around town all day and we have seen alot of cool places and architecture!

The last week has been a blast! Highlights we're Groezrock in Belgium and the Deconstruction Tour in Germany. These we're on fridayand saturday. Both nights had a line-up with bands as Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, Comeback Kid and alot more! On the Groezrock festival I even got to see Bad Religion. That bands has been one of my favorites for years and there I was, standing on the side of the stage! Amazing!

The night after Groezrock was the Deconstruction tour in Trier, Germany. I had breakfast with Fat Mike from Me First, hung around with the people in Comeback Kid (even got a great sweater too!) and in general just had lot's of fun!

So some dude sent me this picture of Mike and me hanging around the merchtable at some random show I can't really remember!

That is one of the cool things about touring too, you forget what day of the week it is, where you actually are. You feel kind of lost, because it's the same routine every day! Everyday a concert, everyday new faces, everyday the same! It's absolutely great! And it's pretty funny walking around a town when all of a sudden somebody in the band asks where we actually are!

So right now I'm in an internet cafe in the middle of Milan! I bought some cool stuff in Paris too! Two Vans belts, and so-called flip-flops (slippers in Dutch).

It's great!!!

- Prague, what a city!!

After the Berlin show (which was again awesome obviously!) we went to this punkrockclub across the street, partied all night and left at six 'o clock. We wanted to make sure that we wouldn't get stuck in the Berlin traffic in the morning, cause we had quite a ride to go to Prague! We had a couple of stops to get some sleep and we arrived in Prague just on time for load-in!

I'm not gonna tell you anymore about the shows, cause they are always, every night again, AWESOME! So, unless something special happens, I won't tell you about the shows anymore!

After the Prague show we wanted to go see the (more that 4000-years old) old-center of the city! We walked around town for a while, until we saw this HUGE castle on top of a big hill! That was we're wanted to go! We walked through small and dirty, steep paths to get to the top as fast as possible. Keep in mind that this all took place in the middle of the night! After almost an hour of walking we finally made it to the top, took some crazy pictures and got our asses back to down the hill. 

One of us thought he had found a shortcut but it was a way too steep path ending up above a wall with mud on it. Once we made it to that wall, there was actually no way back. End of the story: We arrived in the hotel at five in the morning, completely covered in mud! But yeah, we had lot's of fun!

Today is Vienna, Austria. Everybody kept telling me stories last week about the venue we are playing in. It is a HUGE some sort of fort! Alot of cool people around, huge stage, and GOOD food to! I already ate so much sandwiches, that I'm not even sure if I can have dinner! Well, we'll see!

- Sweden!

That took a little while for me to give you a new update on how things are going! Unfortunately we don't have internet every day. Today in Sweden we have wireless connection, so I'm using Casey's laptop to get you up-to-date on the tour!

First things first, after the Hannover we had the best trip to Burger King EVER! We got out with a bunch of people to get some fast-food. A guy from Hannover took us to the 24/7 Burger King. Once there, the girl that was helping us, was named Durka. People who saw the movie Team America should already think it's funny. But we've been making fun of Durka Durka for a week and a halve! We were laughing our asses off on here name-tag! It was SO funny, Donald even took a picture of it!

When we finished eating, we were hanging in front of Burger King and all of a sudden there is this hot chick walking towards the Burger King. We were all looking at her being pretty and stuff. She obviously was SO drunk, because she walked STRAIGHT and FULL-SPEED into the big-ass window of Burger King. Oh my god, that night was the BEST until now!

Okay, after that was Hamburg, that was alot of fun too again. Too bad the show wasn't sold out because Dropkick Murphys and Less Than Jake were also playing a show on the other side of the city! But it was still pretty crowded!

Yesterday we had a day off and though the internet we found ourselves a place to stay in Copenhagen, which is on the way to where we are right now! We slept at the drummer for the 20 Belows' place. We had a 13 hour night, so we're all fit and energetic again!

We arrived at the venue for tonight's show at two 'o clock. All the gear was already loaded. Right now I'm in No Use's dressing room listening to some kick-ass heavy metal that Matt from No Use has on his laptop. Tonights show is almost sold out, and there are already people in a line in front of the door! Should be kick-ass again tonight!

Tomorrow is Berlin, we're going by Ferry again! Okay, it's six right now, so dinner will be ready, I'm off!

- First picture!

My camera is broke, so I can't make any pictures myself. On the show in Hannover, a girl took this picture!

It's Matt from No Use For A Name, Mike VTW, Trevor VTW and me hanging at the merchtable right after the show!